Brew Review: Brew Coffeehouse and Cafe

Lake Michigan is a sight for sore eyes this fall. Early Novembers in Michigan are usually characterized by cold rain, snow, wind… basically cold everything. However, we’ve had a wonderful November with beautiful fall colors, crisp winds, and so much sunshine. Traverse City (TC) this time of year is absolutely beautiful with deep reds, lush greens, and burning oranges. It’s the perfect weather for warm cider, hot coffee, and fall jackets.


I’m in TC for the weekend. At the recommendation of a few friends, I decided to head downtown to Brew Coffeehouse and Cafe, better known as Brew. I was not disappointed! For a Saturday afternoon, this place was buzzing with conversation, locals stopping by for coffee, and visitors having their first Brew experience; I was included in the latter. Unlike the coffeeshops and cafes in previous reviews, Brew offers a warm feel that is uniquely paired with a high energy staff. This place is enlivening. As far as I can tell, people come for the drinks, the people, and the atmosphere.

Brew is a cafe for everyone – the hipsters, the plain coffee drinkers, the craft beer experts, and the earth-conscious. This opera house turned coffeehouse is a great place to stop in for good food, local art, and great conversation with friendly baristas. Visit Brew Coffeehouse and Cafe when you visit Traverse City in the awe-inspiring Northern Michigan.


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