What Dreams Are Made Of – Review: The Dreamer Coffee Shop

Cafes and coffeeshops are among my favorite places in the world. You can find them in almost all cities, towns, and communities. Even if you can’t find a good coffeeshop, you can find a place with its qualities – warm, creative, simple, and just what you need to slow things down. That’s what dreams are made of. In the busyness of life, coffeeshops are the place I come to be still for a while.

As of late, my favorite place has been The Dreamer Coffee Shop; affectionally known as Dreamer to regulars. Dreamer has a simple, warm environment that is welcoming for individuals looking for a creative space to relax or groups looking to study (really procrastinate). The open concept, bright walls, large bay windows and warm lighting make this the perfect coffeeshop to start a quiet weekend or spend your Wednesday evening to get over the midweek hump.

The coffee is great, the people become friends, and the space is perfect. Some of my favorites are the Maple Latte, Apple Chaider, and just their plan Cafe Latte.


The Dreamer Coffee Shop is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Follow them on Instagram: @dreamercoffeeshop

Follow me on Instagram: @vince_thurman1



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