Office Spotlight – Sarah Fiorillo

From the Grad Coho (Grad Cohort) to the Grave (Grad Cave), Sarah Fiorillo has been as cool as they come. Do you need a friend that is weird, but in a cool way? What about one who challenges you to be better? Well that’s Sarah Fiorillo.

The first time I met Sarah was in a Small Group Communication class. She was in a group called Kitty Power. My group was less creative, and decided to be Incredibly Awesome. After that course, we never crossed paths again. That was until we both started grad school. Over the last year, Sarah and I have shared an office, bottles of wine, presentations, facilitator roles, classes, and roles in several murder mysteries thanks to Jeremy.

Sarah is a supportive individual who thrives in creative environments. From bouncing ideas off one another to Instagram photography, we’ve had some cool memories and lots of laughs. One semester stands between us and graduation. It’s been a good run FeFe. If you’re thinking about going to grad school, make sure you’ve got good people around you. It’ll make all the difference.


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Sarah is the Coordinator of Leader Advancement Scholarship for CMU’s Leadership Institute. She is pursuing a career in Higher Education.


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