The Four Stages of Travel Grief

After a long trip, you may experience the four stages of travel grief. I arrived home yesterday from a three week backpacking trip in Europe and I’m definitely in stage one. Enjoy!

Stage One: Home Happiness. Duration: 4-48 Hours. Your journey home has ended (Yesterday, I was traveling for 16 hours. It was exhausting). You’ve arrived tired, excited to see loved ones, and get into some sort of routine. You also don’t need to think about where you’ll stay next or carry your pack around wherever you go. Your brain and your body gets some much needed rest.Sleepy

Stage Two: Bitterness. Duration: 1-2 weeks. “Why did I come back to this place?!!” “There’s so much to see and so much to do!” “I could be anywhere else in the world, why am I here?” Ever looked up flights the day after you landed to see if you can get a cheap ticket to literally anywhere in the world tomorrow? Yeah, me too.


Stage Three: Sadness: Duration: Varies per person. This is when you realize how good you really had it and wonder if you’ll ever go back. “How could I leave my new friends so quickly?” “I just want to go back?” We’ve all been there.



Stage Four: Acceptance and Planning: Duration: Until your next trip. This is the final stage during which you accept that you had an amazing experience, met awesome people, and saw some beautiful places. It is also the stage at which you begin planning your next adventure.


Cheers to getting through the stages of travel grief and getting on to your next adventure.



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