Review: Bassetto Guesthouse

I’ve never reviewed a hostel before. I’ve never really felt compelled to write a review on a place. Overall, I’ve had great luck finding good hostels partly because is great at keeping up to date reviews available. However, I’ve picked a few placed that seemed great online and turned out to be just a basic place to sleep for the night. Neither is good or bad, especially for a traveling on a budget. So why have I decided to write a review now now? Two words: Bassetto Guesthouse. The Guesthouse is more of a home than a hostel, especially for travelers who’ve been on the go in big cities for a while.

To any travelers in Italy, I highly recommend you make your way to Certaldo in the Tuscany countryside for a retreat at the Bassetto Guesthouse from busy cities, crowed hostels and unruly train stations. Here you’ll find cooking classes, day trips to San Gimignano, a wine cellar in which you can have dinner (and purchase amazing wine), hammocks, flexibility in check-in and extending your stay, and also a top notch staff. Olivia, Zoe, and Kyle were amazing. They also have other staff who are great, but we saw them sparingly because they were doing other things to make sure our stay was perfect.

If you are in Tuscany and don’t go to Bassetto, you have taken an incomplete trip to Italy. Nearly every previous visitor would echo this sentiment. Visit to checkout the reviews; it stands at a strong 9.5 and nearly all visitors decide to extend their stay at least one day. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the Italian Culture. Things happen when they happen. The days roll by slowly, the guests are more like family than other travelers, and you can’t beat the nearly panoramic views of the countryside. It is a beautiful place filled with so much history.

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So what are the accommodations like? No bunk beds, hot showers,comfortable beds, a communal kitchen, an actually living room, three hammocks, a pool, a countryside kitchen for pasta making classes, and a wonderful garden. If you like dogs, they have two friendly dogs who love to lounge in the sun and play for a while. This place is like a home. For example, I participated in the pasta making class on my last night. We made three types of pasta from scratched, learned to make fresh (and delicious) pesto, and sat in the garden for dinner. In the middle of dinner, the owner decided to join us to discuss our stay and the future of Bassetto.

If you’re looking for a place to rest or recover from weeks or months of traveling, this is the place to do it. If you’re looking for an authentic experience in the countryside, go to the Guesthouse. Every aspect of my stay was perfect because of the people, the culture, the location, and deep commitment from the staff to making the Guesthouse feel like home. I’ve mentioned that I would return to Italy once a year if I couldn’t move there in previous blogs and in conversations with friends. The Bassetto Guesthouse is the place I will go when I take my yearly trip. To the staff, fellow travelers, and everyone that made my stay amazing, thank you and I look forward to my next visit. 10 out of 10.


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