The Best Place in the World – Italy.

A country filled with history, art, culture, food, life, and so much more. Imagine how lucky I’ve been to meet wonderful people and stay in amazing places. Most people don’t get to do this in their entire lives and here I’m sitting at a communal table in a guesthouse waiting to learn how to make pasta in a picturesque, quintessential Italian kitchen. But Italy, oh man, Italy has stolen my heart in a way that is just down right wrong. After two short romances, one for a week and the other for two weeks, here I am head over heels in love with this place.

To describe Italy is to describe home. The people, the food, the interactions, the places, the simplicity, and the commitment to mastery. Even making pasta sauce takes 8 hours to be made properly. I think of the holidays as a child when I, along with my brother, cousins, and friends, would run in and out of the kitchen to taste whatever my mom, grandma, and aunts were making only to sneak out the back door to snag a piece of barbeque that my dad and uncles had made on the grill. This place is deeply reminiscent of those feelings and experiences. It’s the place that reminds me of a simpler time and an all encompassing lifestyle. Something that I crave deeply for myself.

Family, culture, music, food, art, work, balance, happiness, contentment. These are all of the things I feel with each passing day in Italy. From the busy cities to the countryside and small towns, Italy feels like home. So I’m making plans to move here in a few years. Being able to stay in the countryside for three days has given me time to find clarity in what seems to be a storm of figuring out what to do with my life (if you know me this changes quite frequently) – not what I should do or could do, but determining what I actually want for myself and my life.

Ultimately, I am young enough to pursue one passion, while diving into another with bit more direction and after more preparation. To do everything all at once is to do nothing well, and if I’ve learned anything from the Old Masters (great Italian Artists), it is that mastering your craft takes a lifetime. To build the life I want will take years, not months, of working, planning, changing, and discovering even more about myself than I know now. But I’m on the right path and being here as helped me see that. So Italy, thank you for a short introduction to what will be a lifelong romance.

(Ps. I thought about adding photos, but I couldn’t find the ones to fit this bests. I may add some later).


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