Beginning Again – Swiss Adventure. Blog One

There are three people at the Windsor train station. It’s me and two employees for Via Rail. It’s quiet, as though there is a looming energy that is waiting fill the station. In reality, this place will see those who are simply passing through, leaving a place or returning home. I am one that is passing through. For the next three weeks, I will be exploring unfamiliar places, satiating curiosities, discovering more of who I am through interactions with others and personal reflection, and so much more. As I wrote in my personal journal, I love traveling because it removes me from my defaults and takes me off autopilot. It causes me to be intentional, more proactive about building new relationships and seeking out new opportunities to learn from unfamiliar people and experiences. It also allows me to become more of myself. Traveling allows me to peel back the layers of who I am expected to be and allows me to just be who I am at my core. By the end of my journey, I hope to be exhausted, reenergized, changed, more curious, thankful, truly authentic, and more present than ever.

I often return to two desires when I am tired, burned out, or drained – a want to build relationships across differences and opening a bread, cheese, and wine cafe in another country. Imagine if I focused my efforts on creating an environment for people to have cross-cultural dialogue and enjoy food and wine at the same time. These passions have sustained themselves over time and have constantly resurfaced year after year. When open to it and courageous enough to pursue it, the life I want is within my reach, which is a  privilege.

Traveling has given me a gift that I have been unable to receive through any other means. It has allowed me to return home with a willingness to do more for others, to care with greater depth, to challenge others to become their best selves, and to be as authentic as possible. Traveling takes me to a place of wonder and possibility. My old world collides with a new world, with different places and people. It challenges me to explore and discover and trust and be adaptable. Going places every few months, though a luxury, is something I need to do in order to hit the reset button. So I begin this journey with great zeal and curiosity paired with a sense of relief from the default. Cheers to adventures and all they encompass.

Journal 1.jpgTaken at the Windsor Train Station


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