Spark Round 2: Well Oiled Machine

Last week, the Leadership Institute kicked off two sessions of the Spark Leadership Series. We’ve expanded from our traditional offering of one session a semester and now offer two spring sessions of the Series, which allows us to reach more students than before. We now offer a session of Spark to develop and empower campus leaders in the Tower Residence Hall. This is possible because of our commitment to providing high quality programs with the help undergraduate students.

The Wednesday session of Spark resulted in record numbers and a new environment in which students can enhance their leadership potential through self-assessment, self-reflection, practical application, and finally peer-to-peer learning. The Thursday session was the best one yet! We knew it was time to expand to multiple sessions because our annual Thursday session has had repeated success with the recent transition from the Alpha Leadership Experience to the Spark Leadership Series. The LI is offering more programs to more students than ever before because we have a team that makes it happen. Special thanks to the Leadership Institute staff and the Spark Squad.

Big things are happening every week in the Leadership Institute. Follow us on our social media outlets:

Twitter: @CMU_Leadership

Instagram: @CMU_Leadership

Facebook: CMU Leadership Institute


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